Large oval dream agate and aquamarine elasticated armband with stainless steel accents.

Length: 19 cm


Aquamarine is a seawater stone with many benefits which is used by sailors for good luck and protection. It is also known to relieve stress, bring peace of mind and calm the heart.


The Agate stone helps you when you need support and provides inner stability, composure and maturity. Its protective properties encourage security and confidence.

Dream agate and aquamarine armband.

SKU: A89
  • Perfumes and body lotions could damage your jewellery. When using such products, wait a few minutes after use before putting your jewellery on.

  • Stainless steel is anti allergic and does not discolour.


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All jewellery from Samangoo.

Images by Sam Goodall.

Courtesy of S-VIPS BVBA

BE 0890.692.602

"The company is not responsible for any

damage to (semi)precious stones/metals-organic

matter, or any other part of the goods to be repaired."

The actual colour and shape of the pictured jewellery can vary.