Brown tiger eye semi-precious stone elasticated armband.

Stone size: 16mm

Armband size: +/- 19cm


Tiger eye is a powerful stone that helps you overcome your fears and anxiety. It gives the wearer harmony and balance. It also stimulates taking action and aids you in making decisions.

Brown tiger eye armband

SKU: A25
  • Perfumes and body lotions could damage your jewellery. When using such products, wait a few minutes after use before putting your jewellery on.


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All jewellery from Samangoo.

Images by Sam Goodall.

Courtesy of S-VIPS BVBA

BE 0890.692.602

"The company is not responsible for any

damage to (semi)precious stones/metals-organic

matter, or any other part of the goods to be repaired."

The actual colour and shape of the pictured jewellery can vary.